Dubai Special Packages

Rate is subject to the prevailing tax and service charge. An additional Tourism Dirham of AED 20 will…  

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NGN 35,000

Lunch Discount

Register with us to get a voucher for 1/3 off your food bill Sunday to Friday until Sun 7 Jun.…  

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NGN 10,000

Rent Car

Get a car hire services from the airport to the hotel of your choice   

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NGN 15,000

Cheap Flights Tickets

Get Our Special Offer to Partner Flight from as low as 200000  

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NGN 30,000

3 Nights Aegean Cruise

This package is ideal for the budget-minded travelers that seek the perfect balance between Greece's…  

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NGN 20,000

Hotels Deals

Get up to 10% off on brand name hotels like  Sheraton, only when you book a Secret Hotel. 2. Reveal…  

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NGN 30,000

Summer Vacation

Summer is around the corner and it's time to picture your Summer Vacation this year. What do you…  

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NGN 25,000

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