Traditional meals in Northern Nigeria 16/12/2014

Northern Nigeria has an array of attractions for tourists around the world. Apart from visiting the tourist sites, visitors can also enjoy tasty traditional delicacies in the region.  The meals may not be the primary reason for the visit, but one cannot help but recognize the fact that the Northerners  have contributed richly to Nigeria’s national food identity.

One remarkable thing about Northern meals is that most of them have very rich and unique taste. They are made from unique spices and most contain cereals like rice, millet and corn as main ingredients, which are all healthy. These meals can be eaten in outlets like hotels, restaurants, canteens and roadside dining shops (Mama Put).

Below,, Africa’s premier online hotel booking site shares a few famous traditional delicacies from Northern Nigeria

Miyan Kuka: Miyan Kuka is certainly one of the most famous Northern Nigerian soup and it is known as “Boabab leaf” soup. The dark green draw-soup is made from ground baobab leaf and special spices such as ‘Yaji’ – a mixture of ground pepper, ginger, garlic and other seasonings/herbs.

Masa: Made from Rice or corn, this very popular delicacy can drive your taste buds crazy. It can be enjoyed either as a snack or as a regular meal. It is eaten with a type of sauce known as ``Miyan Taushe``. However, If you are not the type that likes sour tastes, you could either opt for 'sugar masa' or 'ask for 'yaji' which means spiced grounded pepper. The taste is something you would remember in a long time.

Burabisco: This is a traditionally made couscous meal common to Northern Nigeria, especially in the North-East region of Maiduguri. Burabisco is loved and enjoyed by many and is usually eaten with spicy meat stew and vegetables. Its rich ingredients places it among luxurious dishes in the region.

Miyan Kuka Miyan Kuka is definitely one of the most of the popular and tasty soups in Northern Nigeria and it means “Boabab leaf soup”. The green draw-soup is made from ground baobab leaf and special spices, preferably ‘Yaji’ which comprises of a mixture of ground pepper, ginger, garlic and other seasonings.

Tuwon Dawa: This is a side dish made from guinea corn powder and it is made thick. It is best eaten with soups like Kuka and Okra. This meal is unique because it is best prepared with firewood which gives it that savoury taste

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