8 visa-free countries Nigerians can travel to 16/12/2014

Visa applications and processing can be stressful and full of hassles sometimes for those who love traveling and those looking for a quick getaway destination. Travel can either be spontaneous or it could be a surprise trip on the cards for a loved one and you might just be looking for a visa-free destination with your passport.

So do you desire to explore the world usually comes with travel restrictions and visa issues? Then let your worries end because Africa's number one online hotel booking site, crystalbeds.com has got a list of beautiful, mind-blowing destinations that are absolutely visa-free for you to choose from. 

Madagascar: You probably must have watched the movie, Madagascar. Exactly just as it was displayed, the country boasts of being a paradise for wildlife lovers. The world’s fourth largest island is visa-on-arrival to Nigerians and you stay up to 90 days. Cool, I know right?

Barbados: Located in the Caribbean region, a visit to this beautiful Island allows you a stay for six months without a visa. Barbados is rich in history and has some of the best beaches and sea foods. However, you will only be required to provide an E-passport, return ticket and proof of sufficient funds to gain entry into the country.




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